Dentistry and Oral Surgery

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How do I access oral surgery/dental services?

You must get in touch with your dentist to be referred to our dental unit. You will need to be aged between 18 – 65 years (WINZ beneficiary) or 18 to 69 years (employed but have an ultra-low income). Some background information about your financial situation may be required if you do not receive one of the following benefits: Supported living payment, jobseeker support, sole parent support and child disability allowance.

Dental Surgery Canterbury Charity Hospital


Our dentistry services include
June 2023

Non-urgent extractions

Root canals on the front 6 teeth at the top and bottom


Scaling and polishing (Periodontal Treatment)

Oral Surgery

Our general dentistry services are offered under local anesthetic and our complex oral surgery services are offered under IV sedation. These include:

Wisdom teeth extraction

Total clearances

Complex extractions