The Canterbury Charity Hospital Trust has won the 2018 Community of the Year award as part of the recently announced Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year award.

“The Charity Hospital’s vision has always been ‘by the community – for the community’ so we are delighted to win this award,” said Trust chairman and surgeon Mr Philip Bagshaw.

“The hospital and the provision of our free services wouldn’t happen without our huge community of volunteer specialists who donate time and expertise for patients across Canterbury.” Unique in NZ, the unpaid specialists are supported by a large number of volunteers including nurses, technicians, receptionists and fund raisers.

The other finalists were Pillars Auckland and the Whangawehi Catchment Management Group from Hawke’s Bay. The New Zealander of the Year awards.

The Charity Hospital was nominated for Community of the Year award which recognised organisations that share a strong sense of community spirit and play a vital role in enhancing the social, economic, cultural or environmental prosperity of their region.

“It is important to recognise and encourage these groups as their efforts make our communities stronger and more vibrant and promote true community spirit for this and generations to come,” says New Zealander of the Year national manager Glyn Taylor.

The Trust does not receive any Government funding and relies on fundraising events, donations and bequests to raise the funds required to run its free services.

The Canterbury Charity Hospital Trust last year celebrated 10 years since it opened its doors in Bishopdale and has clocked up over 14,000 patient visits during that time.