Mandy has been excited to follow the development of the Canterbury Charity Hospital since its inception, and been on the CCHT Clinical Board since her time as a former Vicar of Papanui from 2008.
She is delighted to be a small part of such a meaningful and inspiring undertaking, and knows well, herself, the frustration of being passed by when official channels of the ‘system’ fail.
“To be left without proper medical attention when the right procedure can overcome years of pain and lack of appropriate medical attention, only results in further unnecessary distress for individuals and their families.
“Thankfully, thousands of patients have been relieved of such burdens and their costs, at our Canterbury Charity Hospital.”
Mandy feels that it is an honour to be able to continue to work on behalf of those without the help they deserve, to get their medical needs met by the CCHT’s very special team of volunteers and like-minded people.
She looks forward to working alongside the Trustees in maintaining this amazing service for people in need.